WordPress 1.5

Yesterday afternoon, I “upgraded” my blog from WordPress 1.2.2 to WordPress 1.5.
Now, cp -r is not the thing to use to do this…
Ended up messing up with quite a bit of my customizations, but I managed to salvage most of it, I think, except for some tricky redirections.
If you want to do something similar, you’d best spend the time finding the detailed WordPress 1.5 Upgrade instructions which I found via weblog tools collection, a day too late.
Mind you, less than 12 hours – or exactly? 12 hours after the upgrade, I got 4 spam comments to two old entries. I suspect they were found by someone scanning for WordPress and the F-word or something, because I can’t discern any other connection between the two. I quickly re-implemented my anti-comment-spam hack (trivial, but it should block the average automated comment spamming script), and got rid of the trackback script.
Now, let’s see if mirroring to LJ still works…