Navigating dire straits

Epic poetry, I think, peaked too soon. It died off as a viable form after being used merely to celebrate noble triumphs and harrowing upsets in such narrow fields of human endevour as dying in battle and stealing livestock. It would be nice if we had a form of expression to describe our more modern […]

Hell blazes

I’m still sorting through my comics collection, and last night I pulled out of the bag a complete run of Hellblazer, the John Constantine comic, issues 2-44 (I have lots of other issues too, this was just what was on the shelf when the original shelf went into a box). There’s the faint whiff of […]

Ultimate Batman

I think I was in second grade when I dressed up as Batman on Purim, because I recall dressing up as knight (in an even more elaborate costume) earlier. Like all the other Purim costumes we wore as kids, my mother made this costume herself, and she had to contend with my demand that it […]


There’s been a great deal of talk in Nanotechnology about building super-tiny motors to power assorted cell-sized machines, but a group of scientists now argue that it might make more sense to use motors that already exist, perfectly functional, inside living cells. Instead of trying to build a car, build a cart: BBC: Cells made […]

A Shambles in Belgravia

A Shambles in Belgravia by Kim Newman (who wrote the highly entertaining alternate history / vampire literature mash-up Anno Dracula series), is part of the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes website. Newman’s story isn’t about Holmes, though; it’s about his dark reflection, Professor Moriarty. The story is subtitled Being a reprint from the Reminiscences of Col. Sebastian […]