Precious Powers

Two Tim Powers exclusive (i.e, very limited seats) events at ICon 2005 are detailed here (Didi talked about these events, but here they are with phones to call. In a follow-up message, after someone asked the inevitable question. I presume they’re trying to make this hard). I suspect that posting this isn’t even stupid, just […]

Mysteries under Moscow

Mysteries under Moscow, via [Making Light]. Found this in a web search for Tim Powers, and from Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s summary, it sounds like bits of Powers’ last book, several Doctor Who episodes and a swaggle of Call of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies, GURPS: Atomic Horror and Vampire scenarios are scattered under Moscow.

Elektra: Incarnations

I finally succumbed and, against my better judgement, rented the Elektra DVD. An aside: I was sort of surprised that Windows Media player (and Realplayer) can’t play DVDs, even though it pretends it can and adds itself to the autoplay menu, gives you a menu option ot play them, etc. (I had to watch the […]