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  • [via LMG:] The Thames Estuary Army Forts photos of these abandoned WW2 pylon fortresses, looking bery much like something from New Crobuzon…
    Looking up a suitable China Miéville link for that (Rungate Rampant, anyone?), I notice that Jewish-related google ads seem to be stalking the Ocher*. Weird.
  • Ultimate Eye for the Vertigo Guy is more fun than funny. If you don’t know who Bendis, Millar and Constantine are, skip it. [via same].
  • Colorblender is a neat tool for color matching and palette design. Fun for the aesthetically challanged.

* – China Miéville is participating in the British academic boycott of Israel, according to Nir, who was oddly sympathetic to this, despite having no problem insulting the venerable Brian Aldiss, just because he didn’t enjoy his books.