People complaining of their aches and pains seems a recurring motif in blogs I read lately. Turns out that it was foreshadowing.
I slipped in the bath last night. Soaping my feet, not very clever, but I’ve done it each time I showered since moving here, so I got careless. And falling, it’s this moment that’s so slow and so helpless and I felt so stupid until my head slammed the side of the bath. Or had I already hit my head, was I remembering what happened, pretending I could do something?
No blood, but there’s an angry red abrasion on my scalp, and my head throbs, my neck got all whiplashed and hurts to move. Annoying. I was surprised when I woke up in the morning that the pain had gone down enough for me to fall asleep, because lying in bed after the fall it seemed that the discomfort would never decrease all the way to bearable. Perhaps I was just tired.
Anyway, ouch.

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