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Humbug 2006

Looking at my “friends list”, I ran across three “grr, how I hate New Year! It sucks!”-type posts. The mandated new year’s cheer appears to provoke some people’s inner misanthrope. Of course, these aren’t really true misanthrophic specimen: they are cloudy weather curmudgeons (the complement to “fair weather friends”), cuddly grumps that surround themselves with company to laugh at their grumbles. To these people I say:

Shutthefuckup. At least we don’t have Christmas. THAT would give you something to grumble about.

True misanthropists don’t need special occassions to shun human company.

I just spent the first two hours of 2006 playing with <GEEK> the clusterfuck that is Worpress 2.0, and with improving the RSS feed for comments on my blog (which you wouldn’t know about, since I deleted every reference to it from my template). </GEEK> This will help me socialize asynchronously, and thus shun human company more effectively.

At least that’s the story I’m sticking to.

2 replies on “Humbug 2006”

I love new years eve, I got to visit gaidmak’s party and go eat dixie with friends!

btw, I too upgraded to wp2, the admin panel has advanced incredibly, staying with in the boundries of pure strict code.

I’m loving it.

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