Obscene Interiors

JustinSpace: Obscene Interiors Obscene Interiors is a collection of real online male personal ad photos and my critique of the naive interior decorating exposed therein. (No need to shield your timid eyes, the often-nude figures have been laboriously obscured.) I think my place is much worse. At least I don’t have a big gray cardboard […]


Vincent Baker’s Afraid is a horror roleplaying game, posted on his blog as a set of notes. The mechanics, a system similar to Dogs in the Vineyard, read like code to me, but the sections on setting up scenes (in each scene, a PC is either alone, in trouble, lost or unprepared – or a […]

This weekend’s reading

A French scientist suggests that maybe viruses are the origin of DNA (yes, viruses, not virii). That is, that the whole DNA->RNA thing (and the RNA->DNA thing that viruses do so well) started in part as a way to evade early cells’ anti-viral defenses. This could explain why DNA replication enzymes are different between bacteria, […]