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Obscene Interiors

JustinSpace: Obscene Interiors

Obscene Interiors is a collection of real online male personal ad photos and my critique of the naive interior decorating exposed therein. (No need to shield your timid eyes, the often-nude figures have been laboriously obscured.)

I think my place is much worse. At least I don’t have a big gray cardboard cutout posed obscenely in my living room.
[ via Ken Hite ]


For Want of A Nail: Bicycle-25

Bicycle-25 is my first entry in the For Want of A Nail Lexicon. Over a 1000 words, and I think only 400 of them are actually about that alternate history. I hope it came out vaguely coherent.



Vincent Baker’s Afraid is a horror roleplaying game, posted on his blog as a set of notes. The mechanics, a system similar to Dogs in the Vineyard, read like code to me, but the sections on setting up scenes (in each scene, a PC is either alone, in trouble, lost or unprepared – or a combination), and on creating monsters and their victims, are lovely bit of zen GM instruction.


This weekend’s reading

A French scientist suggests that maybe viruses are the origin of DNA (yes, viruses, not virii). That is, that the whole DNA->RNA thing (and the RNA->DNA thing that viruses do so well) started in part as a way to evade early cells’ anti-viral defenses. This could explain why DNA replication enzymes are different between bacteria, archea and eukaryotes.

Here’s a terribly depressing article about the war in Congo, and how all this genocidal horror is driven by the west’s lust for cheap electronics. Via one of shiffer’s friends.

Said friend is hosting this Lexicon game that Shiffer is on about. I plan to play in it – now I just need to come up with an alternate history based on Albert Hoffman leaving his problem child on the shelf.

(This is clearly better than my first plan, which was to write each entry as part of the quest of a cross-world hopping food critic, searching among the myriad alternate earths for the best humous.)

Speaking of games, here’s a really cool setting idea thread from [D&Dish] The city built around the tarrasque. After a dozen responses saying “that’s so cool!”, people start building on the initial idea, and it keeps getting more and more interesting.

Finally, a spam mail from Delphi forums told me that all the cool forums they once hosted are escaping in droves to their own sites. One of those is a comic geek forum with a British orientation called The V, where I found this list of 50 Best Marvel Characters:

46. Swarm, Fritz von Meyer – Created by Bill Mantlo and John Byrne.

Swarm has appeared in comics only a scant handful of times, yet he has massive cult appeal. To understand why, there’s just one thing you need to know about Swarm: He’s a Nazi made of radioactive bees. Shakespeare only wishes he’d come up with stuff this good.


Things you learn watching Cruel Intentions

1. E-mail is for geeks and pedophiles.
2. If the BatMovie franchise ever came to it, Reese Witherspoon would make a very Jack Nicholson-compatible Harley Quinn.
Reese Witherspoon is Harley Quinn