Batman always wins (the argument)?

Jonathan Woodward: Being The Good Guys is probably the most fun American political blog post in a while, tying in the hot ethical issue of the day into a media most suitable for conducting the relevant thought experiments: Superhero comics.

6 replies on “Batman always wins (the argument)?”

God, what a wanker.

I mean, sure, it’s cool that he uses Sup and Bats instead of Achilles and the (mighty and powerful) Tortoise, but what’s with the dumb-ass conclusions? What, torture is less likely in societies that do not have a Batman? This blind denial is beneath us, and thanks to the availability of morally questionable sup literature – we can see right through it.

Besides, like Nimrod always says, if video games and the likes really had any influence on kids, we would have a whole generation of Doom players hanging together in clubs with strobing lights, listening to electronic music and popping pills.


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