Monthly Archives: November 2006

Paul Barnett explains Warhammer Online

Paul Barnett explains what Warhammer Online is about with marvelous gusto: Some people get confused, and they go oh, I see, chaos is like the devil. No no no no, it’s not fire and brimestone, it’s chaos. It’s custard falling from the sky. it’s an arm turning into a sword, it’s the ability to cut your arm and mice pour out rather than blood. It’s chaos, it’s corruption! So, you take all that, and you put it into an MMO… [ found via slashdot ]

Bom Bom Tarrare

Rob Macdougall writes about the miserable and disgusting life of Tarrare, an 18th century french man who would literally eat anything. He points to a longer article about the topic on Fortean Times called The Cat Eaters (yes, people who ate live cats), where I learned that Tarrare’s name survives in expressions like Bom-bom tarare referring to powerful explosions or fanfares and, by inference Tarrare’s own prodigious flatulence.

The idea of someone constantly hungry who is driven to eat anything is pretty horrifying, even before he gets experimented on by army doctors.