Other Earths

Planetocopia, the World dream bank: Planetocopia is a group of model worlds supporting intelligent life. Some of these worlds are set in our future, some are alternate Earths, some are purely imaginary experiments in planetology, biology, sociology. They fall into four series: Tilt!, Futures, the Biosphere Variations, and Caprices. [via Kenneth Hite] The geology and […]

image preloading hack

Found on the JQuery mailing list, here’s a javascript hack to preload hidden images to a webpage, by Luke Lutman – (this is just a quick note for myself) $(window).bind(‘load’, function(){ var preload = [ ‘/images/assets/file/1.gif’, ‘/images/assets/file/2.gif’, ‘/images/assets/file/3.gif’ ]; $(document.createElement(‘img’)).bind(‘load’, function(){ if(preload[0]) this.src = preload.shift(); }).trigger(‘load’); });

Feed me, see more

Every day, I do my bit to help keep the Internet read. And in my feed aggregator (Google Reader), I’ve got “Starred” items and “Shared” items. The “Shared” list looks kind of lean, perhaps because I felt a subtle pressure to tag only carefully read and reviewed, “curated” links there. The “Starred” stuff, though, is […]