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Swedish Superhero RPG done as a comic

Via Anders Sandberg, here’s Tobias Radesäter’s Supergänget, a Swedish superhero roleplaying game entirely in comics form, reminiscent of Scott McCloud‘s Understanding Comics. As the players switch to their superheroic secret identities, the GM changes into his secret identity of game designer, and takes the reader on a fourth-wall-breaching guided tour of the game, including a visit to a jungle of system-monkeys and a combat-section dojo. All of this is done very nicely with the bright color and clean line of the Euro-comic.

And (if you continue to the last page), you discover that the Swedish equivalent of “The End” is “Slut”.

Oddities short

Internet Access CAPTCHAs

A modest proposal from Defective Yeti: Internet Access CAPTCHAs


Bruce is back and he’s got a Mac

Is there no end to Apple’s obsessive product placement?

Superflous explain-the-joke link for the lazy or google-feeble.

Bruce is back and he