Powdered Water!

From the Wikipedia entry on William Hope Hodgeson's 1912 far-future SF novel, The Night Land:
Powdered Water and Food Tablets
Hodgson's hero sets out into the Night Land carrying lightweight food tablets and a sealed tube full of "water-powder." When a small quantity of this powder is exposed to air, it absorbs water rapidly from the air, […]


I cut my hair. Took a pair of scissors, grabbed a fistful of the hair on the right of my head, cut it, grabbed a fistful of hair on my left and cut that too. Between the right and the left, I realized I’d cut too much. This wasn’t shortening the tips. My hair was […]

Genomic Music and Greasemonkey

Here’s an article by some folk who’ve made a tool for converted protein sequences into musical tones: We have converted genome-encoded protein sequences into musical notes to reveal auditory patterns without compromising musicality. … The conversion will help make genomic coding sequences more approachable for the general public, young children, and vision-impaired scientists. You can […]

Pan’s Labyrinth

I saw Pan’s Labyrinth on the Saturday evening just before national Holocaust memorial day. After seeing it, I found the timing fitting. Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t about the Holocaust, but it is set during World War 2, although in the isolation of post-civil-war Spain, the one country in Europe where the fascists actually won. And it […]