Greasemonkey *can* whap snap

Update on the Snap previews pop-up thing: I’ve come up with a (trivial) Greasemonkey script to disable those annoyances – I call it hover in peace (you can install it from that link if you’re using Firefox and have Greasemonkey), and it disables any javascript that is triggered by mouseover events, that is by hovering your mouse over a link (or anything else). It’s crude and indiscriminate, but effective.

2 thoughts on “Greasemonkey *can* whap snap

  1. MikeTheMan

    Thanks for mentioning the Snap issue.
    I recently removed it from my blog, partly due to your previous post on the subject.
    I found that it increased page loading time enormously and could easily be prevented.
    I figured that if I link to a WikiPedia page, let people interested click that link (or middle-click to open a new window), instead of bringing that little window up in their faces and little balloons around every link.

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