Monthly Archives: October 2007

Dirt on your Journal

I noticed today that LiveJournal has joined the dark side, and has splattered those annoying snap preview pop-ups all over its site.

If you have a LiveJournal account, you can turn off this off for your entries and your friends page – in the menu, go to Journal > Settings and you’ll get to a page titled Viewing Options. Uncheck the option called Graphic previews to end this madness and make your journal fit for humane consumption. I’d consume your RSS and not bother you, but sometimes you post locked entries.

I hope LJ turn this off soon – I guess they made it on by default just to bring this feature to people’s attention. At least I hope so – I shudder to think people are actually clamoring for this travesty.

Update: A discussion of the Snap previews on the lj_no_ads community, where Anil Dash from SixApart writes Regular people on the web *love* Snap previews. [via Simon Willison]

Swanwick in Babel

Michael Swanwick, one of my favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, has a new (new = like, since August) and regularly updated blog, Flogging Babel, to promote his upcoming book (The Dragons of Babel). He’s also set up a one-entry blog for a long essay of his decrying the inappropriate use of the term “Fix-Up“.

I got those three links one from the other, starting out from a post in Neil Gaiman’s blog.

Goddamn Userpic

Boojie has complained, justifiably, that the more current images I’ve started to use as my user pic in livejournal (instead of the old one) are a bit scary.

Sadly, I think the problem stems more from my haggard old face of recent years than from my poor arm-distance photography.

To get a cuddly-looking image, I had to go back a bit, and because the material demanded it, I made a Frank Miller tribute:

Goddamn Batman