People say stupid things

Conversations with actual members of the public collected by an antique book seller:

(Woman, in her mid 30s)

Do you have the “Titanic” book?


I’d like to read it.

Uh huh.

Did you know it’s a true story, except for the romantic part?

(this is worse than I thought!)

And another:

(Customer fills out search card: 16 Chapels)

(me) Oh, you’re after books on European Churches?

No, just books about the 16 Chapels.

16 Chapels?

Yea, you know the one with the big painting on the ceiling.

We will let you know what we find (once we stop convulsing).

Lots more at BookMine’s stupid quotes page.

Blather short

Ideas you tell the Internet because you don’t have anyone around to beat them out of you with a stick #316

I should like totally have my 40th Birthday party in my parents’ basement.