Where is Tel-Aviv?

Over here I found a link to the wonderful map site mapa.co.il; of course Israel showed it to me a while ago, but for some reason I never quite recalled the URL once I sat in front of a computer, and for a long while I’ve been using the far inferior flash-based site at walla. In contrast, mapa is much more like google maps, except, it can be used for places I actually care about, rather than for overseas curiosities.

A funny thing I discovered, while playing around with the site, is how it handles inexact locations. For example, if you ask it for a route from “Tel-Aviv” to somewhere – for instance, here’s a route from “Tel Aviv” to “Givatayim”, it will locate the city at the exact point in the map where its name is indicated – apparently somewhere on Rotschild Ave., between Maaza and Balfour…

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