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Compressed Air Knife (for blowing up hostile marine life!) via Rob Donoghue and
Thought-controlled microphone
(cyber telepathy!), via Warren Ellis.
Penny Psychology:
From a commentary on an unworthy news story “revealing” that people play characters of the opposite gender:

The standard male response is: “if I’m going to look at an avatar’s butt the whole time I play, I’d rather it was one I found attractive”. This turns any covert slights against their sexuality on their heads: hey, look, I’m so masculine I play female characters! The standard female response, in contrast, is that they get hit on so often when playing as a female that they have to play as a male to escape it: hey, look, I’m so feminine I play male characters!
Neither of these excuses stands up to scrutiny, of course.

[also via Rob Donoghue, ibid].

Speed Racer trailer via Chad Underkoffler, and new Hulk trailer (Beware – streaming piece-of-shit) via Yair Raveh.
Chris Sims gives us Archie Andrews covering Jarvis Cocker.