Wishing to fritter away a pleasant evening seeing a stirring action film that evokes innocent boyish enthusiasms rather than brooding over the ongoing frittering of the curdled youth of adulthood? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not the right movie for this, being all about middle age – which, for intrepid […]


Vincent Baker is the guy behind the roleplaying game Dogs in the Vineyard, but in an earlier incarnation of his website he had a great rant/howto about making pancakes which I always found fascinating. IMO it’s a much more effective stab at sarcastic cookery writing for a geek audience than Mark Pilgrim’s “sarcastic chef” posts […]

Iron Man

Saw Iron Man at the 2:15AM screening at Cinema City last night, and apparently we weren’t the only ones who picked that show for the chance to see it in the much-hyped digital screening at theatre 7. The digital thing certainly has lovely vibrant color, although theatre 7 has the unfortunate set-up where anyone standing […]