Delivering the Coup de Grace in the melee

The end (or start) of endless geek arguments: a D&D Pronunciation Guide.


Schweinsteiger’s Revenge

Back in 2005, when we were playing our Science Fiction game, Empire of Doors, a certain recurring villain was a barbarian warlord on the planet Conan who recruited an army to conquer other planets (traveling through those eponymous doors). Israel dubbed him Schweinsteiger. He ended up permanently mind-swapped with Bo’s PC, Aedapp.

Flash forward to this year’s World Cup, and apparently there’s someone prominent on the German team called Schweinsteiger. I do not follow the Football, but I noticed this flurry of tweets from Warren Ellis:

  1. I believe that goal should be ascribed to Schweinsteiger because his name is Schweinsteiger. Der Schweinsteiger. 30 minutes ago
  2. Schweinsteiger should be striding across Germany right now, judging the guilty and impregnating women with his uncanny foot 27 minutes ago
  3. New rule: if someone dispossesses Schweinsteiger of the ball, Schweinsteiger is allowed to execute them on the spot. 21 minutes ago
  4. Half-time. Uruguayan team discover that the mere presence of Schweinsteiger has turned their gonads into ovaries. 7 minutes ago

All this is further proof (as if any was necessary) of our game’s ability to predict generate reality.

Comics Roleplaying

Rise of the Geeks, Episode 3d6

Some filmmakers get their start making shaky home movies, others catch the bug in a high school drama class or maybe through an art institute where they put paint to canvas. Favreau has more of an eight-sided education.

“It was Dungeons & Dragons, but I wouldn’t have owned up so quickly a few years ago,” Favreau said sheepishly.

“It’s rough. It’s one of the few groups that even comic-book fans look down on. But it gave me a really strong background in imagination, storytelling, understanding how to create tone and a sense of balance. You’re creating this modular, mythic environment where people can play in it.”

Maybe there should be a new Hollywood respect for eight- and 10-sided dice and a talent for troll tales: Robin Williams, Mike Myers, Stephen Colbert and Vin Diesel have all professed their passion (past or present) for the role-playing game.

Jon Favreau is the action figure behind ‘Iron Man’ – Los Angeles Times, via [ Steve Jackson ]

Blather Roleplaying Science Fiction and Fantasy

Olamot! Bigor! At My Doorstep!

Olamot starts today, Bigor starts tomorrow, and both are taking place in the south-east Tel-Aviv, practically within walking distance of my house!

Except, why walk when this is the only parking zone in Tel-Aviv where my resident’s car-sticker allows me to park for free?

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