That Narrow Window of Opportunity

Overheard at Bo’s birthday party:

We use to play Dungeons and Dragons maybe four times a week, we’d rush over to his house straight after school


You know, if we’d had internet porn back in the day, I’d never have bothered with D&D.

Bonus piece of social interaction advice:

  • Acknowledging that you watch internet porn – perfectly acceptable and unremarkable.
  • Mentioning specific sites ( Yeah, I used to go there until I mistyped and got google’s do you feel lucky result…) – somewhat uncomfortable.
  • Going into the pros and cons of downloads vs. streaming… (but I need to set up my playlist…) – time to change the subject.

Leave it Tony, it’s not worth it (D’Israeli plays with toys)

Iron Man vs. Cybermen

Leave it Tony, it’s not worth it –D’Blog of ‘Israeli: Genre Mash-Ups


Toughen yourself by braving the wind and the waves

via same jwz post as the last, a site that inserts your face into classic Chinese propaganda posters. Blogging it for the high resolution poster images.

Blather Oddities

T-rying too hard

bird! plane! superman! ...

via jwz, an amusing T-Shirt site that has a front page which will make you chuckle, but which reflects perhaps too much on the limitations of its medium and gets too meta in it’s message. As it describes itself, Torsopants are like funny t-shirts, but not t-shirts and not funny!

cliffhangers are



How does it feel to die?

Morbid research department: A New Scientist special feature on the sensations associated with various potentially fatal experiences:

Death special: How does it feel to die? – being-human – 13 October 2007 – New Scientist.