Monthly Archives: October 2008

Two hours, 43 minutes

A few things on the wake of the burst of Watchmen fanboy enthusiasm shared at ICon. First, I am stupid – the easy-to-remember release date of 03-06-09 isn’t in June, it’s in March – American dates are silly that way. Second, imdb lists the movie as aka Watchmen: The IMAX Experience, so Roly is right – this really will necessitate a trip to the lands beyond Haifa.

Also, looking around for info about the movie’s length, I found a report from a press screening describing 25 minutes of the movie Zack Snyder showed to journalists, and including audio recordings of what he said [1] [2] [3] [4].

Also, here’s the full Watchmen panel from the San Diego Comic-Con, with Snyder, Dave Gibbons and the leading actors.

Watchmen Movie Panel FULL – Comic Con 2008

Not Johnny Depp’s Chocolate

Via Lucius Sheppard:

here’s a really awesome action sequence from the movie Chocolate, starring Jeeja Yanin, about an autistic girl with a gift for kicking butt. You can watch the entire movie on youtube–it’s not great, very thin plot, tho it comes from the producers of Ong Bak, but it does show that Jeeja has what it takes to become the female Tony Jaa.

I say torrent and watch the entire movie – this is part 8 of the 9 parts on YouTube, so spoilers the (not unpredictable) ending before the action starts.