They did not write coward there!

They did not write coward there! | Let’s Be Friends Again – A web comic about comics nerds answers an important question about French comics and one of the big Fuck, Yeah! moments in recent comics history.


Batman and Wingman

batman and wingman

The panel above is from a recent collection of old Batman stories; taken from this blog post, which actually tries to make snarky comments. No comment can top that panel.
[found via Chris Simms]


Costuming the chainsaw-wielding cultist of Cthulhu

What should the well-dressed chainsaw-wielding Cthulhu cultist wear this season? Answer after the cut.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Last Airbender Teaser

There’s a teaser trailer for the live action (Avatar) the Last Airbender movie on the official movie site, which I learned about via io9’s set visit report.

Let me show you:

Software and Programming

But not on a Tuesday

This showed up in the description of today’s Ubuntu update. For background, file is a Unix utility that tries to identify a file’s type by looking at its contents. Sometimes this can be tricky:

file (4.26-2ubuntu4) jaunty-proposed; urgency=low

* 220-magic-update-erlang.dpatch: Escape spaces in Erlang magic to avoid misidentifications, particularly PostScript files produced on Tuesdays (LP: #248619).

The bug report gets better – the fixed bug actually makes printing not work on Tuesdays in some setups…