The 10 Most Shameful RPG Dice

The d34, from Topless Robot’s list of  The 10 Most Shameful RPG Dice.

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The Privileges of Age

A little gem of WTF buried in an otherwise rather bland San Diego Comic-Con report:

I sat in on most of a Ray Bradbury panel in the same room, which was cool because, a. Ray Bradbury is still alive and b. he’s at that age where he can say completely crazy things and people just think it’s adorable. Today, for example, he talked about how specifically he remembers the flavor of his mother’s breast milk, and we all just sort of went with it. No, really!

Comic Con Day 3: Comics, Pilots and an Elderly Illustrated Man | Books | A.V. Club.


Seagoing Cities of the Freebooting Apes

Via It Came From Darkmoor, a blog devoted to loving and extensive coverage of the weird and sometimes wonderful world of Marvel UK comics, I’ve uncovered this treasure trove featuring PDF versions of all the issues of the Marvel UK Planet of the Apes comic weekly. I’m not sure if this only featured reprints of US comics or specially-created material, but 3 or 4 issues of this which fell into my hands were what sparked my enthusiasm for Planet of the Apes (it also inspired me to create my own version, called Planet of the Reptiles, which was fun, but not quite the same thing. Alas for my childish insistence on sticking with pastiche instead of fan fiction).

After some digging through all the remarkably bland covers (remarkably similar, at least), I finally found the story I was looking for, a short strip that set my imagination on fire, hinting at some awesome epic fantasy set in the far-future world shared by apes and men. From issue 83 (pdf part 1, pdf part 2), written by Doug Moench and illustrated by Tom Sutton’s awesome artwork, it features ape-ruled giant city-ships, a mixed human and ape group of freedom-fighting pirates, a hero called Alaric (sounds like Elric, but long before I heard of the Albino). and this thing just behind the cut which makes me willing to bet I’m a pink hamster if China Mieville didn’t read this comic to shreds as a boy.

Behold, the graveyard of lost cities:


LARPers scare mundanes, lazy journalists

Too neat to leave on Facebook – an Israeli daily (OK, the free daily they give out on trains) has a scare piece about dog walking neighbors finding strange stuff in a local forest, where a terrible murder took place 13 years ago… and yeah, everyone knows that “kids play there”, but I guess that isn’t going to stop anyone from building an article about Satanic cultists from what is obviously left over LARP props…



Homeopathic Emergency Room

YouTube – That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E.

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