New 2010 Superhero TV shows

Here are trailers for two upcoming superhero TV shows starting soon, via

The Cape on NBC: A street-level superhero! An honest cop in a corrupt city, framed for a crime and left for dead! Saved and trained in exotic martial arts in a wandering circus! With cool gadgets and a nifty cloak! Summer Glau as a plucky investigative.. blogger! This, yes.

No Ordinary Family on ABC: It’s the Fantastic Four (with Michael Chiklis), or rather the Incredibles, except it appears to be lacking any of the charm and wonder of the sources it borrows from:

Interesting how the way they allocate the powers across the nuclear family acts to preserve the power balance – the dad is superstrong, remaining the most physically intimidating, the mom has superspeed, so she can do all those clever chores mothers do, the kids have supersmarts and telepathy, non-physical powers that they don’t threaten their parents’ dominant position, but let them have their little geeky/emo niche.


OSS 117: Lost in Rio

HD trailer for OSS 117: Lost in Rio – a sequel to the hugely entertaining French period spy parody, OSS 117: Nest of Spies. The 2nd link is to the French trailer, because you are (a) hardcore and (b) should go and watch the entire thing instead of just a trailer.


Movie Thor, and a Paul Grist comic

Paul Grist's cosmic comic

Paul Grist is uploading pages of his Eternal Warrior comic as he completes them.. The last time I wrote about the awesomeness of Paul Grist was in a post which became most beloved by comment spammers on this blog.

Also, Movie Thor? this guy:

Movie Thor