Tolkien BBC Documentary from the year I was born

My birthday is tomorrow (the 25th of August), which is reason enough to post a link to a half hour long documentary about Tolkien and his books made by the BBC in 1968, the year I was born…

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Things I learned at YAPC::EU

Things I learned at YAPC::EU (a far from complete list, others may have a better one):

  • The tower is still leaning (I was sure they’d have fixed it by now).
  • DBD::Oracle might have improved since we installed it.
  • Beer is a wonderful social lubricant.
  • … and so is superb Chocolate (as Tim Bunce and Alison Randal can attest).
  • While name-dropping is fun, many of the awesome and friendly people I met just use Perl in their day job, or fiddle with perl as a hobby, or just hang out in the community.
  • PIMC.
  • I look a bit like Todd Rundgren.

Barely Seeing Daylight

Comics artist D’Israeli captures a single working day in 49 seconds: Barely Seeing Daylight.


Room under the roof

Am now in YAPC::Europe, arrived in the hotel at noon, walked to the con hotel (without map, based on memory of the route from google maps – street-view FTW, dumb luck and a helpful local), enjoying WiFi and listening to the audible part of a Perl6 mind-meld.

When looking for a hotel here, I got this in response to a query:

The only single room available it’s under the roof, with the sink inside, the toilet outside the door and the shower down the stairs

Comics Oddities

The Real Life Super Hero Project

Real Life Superheroes: KnightVigilThe Real Life Super Hero Project, via Bleeding Cool:

[we’ve] run a number of articles on real so-called superheroes, people who dress up in costume and perform anti-crime patrols and responses in their local neighbourhood.

But we never thought to make them look as much as comic book superheroes as possible.

Real Life Superheroes is an online project to do just that. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.