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Illustration Magazine issues online

Via Dave Gibbons on twitter, all the issues of the breathtaking llustration Magazine are available for viewing online (through some pdf flash thing)


genetic material

Our cute press officer is explaining something to the rugged field hand by the water cooler, dropping phrases like “advance your germplasm” and “push your seed”.

Sometimes those double entendres just crop up in the agro-biotech business.

Blather isn’t dead on the HTML5 web

Remember DHTML? People making those demos that kept tripping over their own ambition and the limitations of your hardware and which probably only worked exactly right with the correct browser on that one version of that operating system and in a precise conjunction of technology, connectivity and astrology, but which on your desktop ended up looking kinda lame?

Look at this Preferably with an updated version of chrome and maybe on windows (which I’m guessing has the proper hardware acceleration). And enter fake numbers for the address until it deigns to play.

In this music video mash-up of video, audio, animation and google street view, the one thing that really sticks out for me is the popups, which knock you back to 199x when this shit was cool rather than spammy background noise polluting your task bar, and which the blocking thereof was considered the most humane improvement in browser interface.

There’s something endearing actually about how awkward pushing against the technical boundaries ends up looking; something which reminds us that real elegance is all about exploring the interior of your limitations.

Software and Programming

Using CSS without HTML

Sweet: Using CSS without HTML | CSS-Tricks.

Blather Roleplaying

Mad Men By Alignment

Via Jess Nevins:

The number of people who are fans of both D&D and Mad Men is small – but all four of us think this is brilliant.

The Dungeons and Dragons Alignments of Mad Men characters
Updated: Apparently the source for this is MightyGodKing, who also did a bunch more of those, for shows I’m not interested in and for The Wire and 30 Rock.