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Brave n00b World

A short talk by James Wallis reporting the findings of a geophysical survey conducted in World of Warcraft.

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Vector Magic

Vector Magic is an online service that converts bitmap images (like jpegs and GIFs) to vector graphics (like postscript and SVG). It’s not free, but it lets you convert one image for free when you register. I tried it out on the image I use on my about page, and got this.

Now, how do I make that into a T-shirt(*)? Suitable ideas for appropriate text (such as “yes, I am *that* vain!”) also appreciated.

* – Going through my closet yesterday, I discovered I’ve got a total of 91 T-shirts, ranging in age from a couple of weeks to almost 20 years, and in condition from unworn (what weakness possessed me to buy white T-shirts?) to tatters (alas, Elektra: Assassin).

Oddities short

The Israeli National Bird Poll

The Israeli nature preservation society is running a poll to choose the Israeli national bird. As talkbackers noted, many of the “negative” attributes of the birds they listed as cons are actually very typical of our national character – aggressive, loud, etc. Haaretz mentions that an earlier attempt to nominate one of the candidates was rejected because of this endemic species’ latin name – the Palestine Sunbird.
[via HaAyal].

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Ideas you tell the Internet because you don’t have anyone around to beat them out of you with a stick #316

I should like totally have my 40th Birthday party in my parents’ basement.

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Exam Frustration begets beauty

Let’s face it, we’ve all been frustrated in exams…
Exam thing

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