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The Batman (Animated Series) Bible

Israel told me this week about the Writers Bible for Batman: The Animated Series, and said “you should blog about it, so we can talk about it”.

Luckily, Chris Sims did it for me.

Go read his article for an executive summary, or look at the document itself. There’s lots of pretty concept art and Bruce Timm character sketches, and short, well-spaced text that tersely puts forth how they were going to make Batman awesome:


War and Fight Scene

More videos, of a less embeddable kind:

  • The disturbing and funny stop motion animated short Food Fight reenacts global conflicts using national foods, starting with pretzels slaughtering matzos and, uh, just see it. What on earth is the pile of stuff which (as I understand purely from the context) is supposed to represent the soviets? [via Rob MacDougall ]
  • This simply awesome action short is both done in Flash and set in Flash: Animator vs. Animation. [via Global Nerdy]