Rub it in, Facebook

This is the string of ads facebook showed me in the sidebar this morning (although now it’s showing dubious ads in Polish).
yeah, 42. f-u, facebook

Fuck you, Facebook.


In other 40-something related updates, I picked up Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man today. Nick Charles is a 41-year old retired detective. Nora Charles is a 28-year old lanky brunette with an inheritance. They’re married, have a Schnauzer, drink all night and sleep until noon. Together, they fight crime!


40 + 0.00274

The first blog post of the rest of my life!

Gosh, my Midlife Crisis Countdown widget was darn buggy.

I spent my 40th giving out cake and hearing that I look younger than my age, which is nice I guess. Was too busy to post a birthday blog post, which is good, because in the past, I have been known to be maudlin.

Here’s the most unexpected cool happy birthday I got, made by a nice co-worker:

On a day that included a birthday call from Australia, that’s pretty surprising.