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Cave complex found beneath the Pyramids – still waiting for the Ghouls

H.P. Lovecraft, The Outsider:

Now I ride with the mocking and friendly ghouls on the night-wind, and play by day amongst the catacombs of Nephren-Ka in the sealed and unknown valley of Hadoth by the Nile. I know that light is not for me, save that of the moon over the rock tombs of Neb, nor any gaiety save the unnamed feasts of Nitokris beneath the Great Pyramid

Cave Complex Found Under Giza Pyramids (Discovery News):

An enormous system of caves, chambers and tunnels lies hidden beneath the Pyramids of Giza, according to a British explorer who claims to have found the lost underworld of the pharaohs.

Populated by bats and venomous spiders, the underground complex was found in the limestone bedrock beneath the pyramid field at Giza.

The details on that news item – the discoverer of the caves tracked down the entrance to the mysterious underworld after reading the forgotten memoirs of a 19th century diplomat and explorer, the officials scoffing his finding, the citing of ancient funerary texts – it’s all gravy. Or module.

This comes via BLDGBLOG, who in the same post also links to an article from the Smithsonian on Ancient Cities lost to the Seas which opens on Dunwich, England (he also visits a fungus farm in Australia. I skim only to keep my sanity).