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Art and Consequences

An Amber campaign.


It is real.

Our Heroes

  • Charles Doore, a once shy and nervous guy. Earth-raised and once unwitting Amberite. We start off as Charles attends College in Charlottesville, VA. on Fencing scholarship and the hope to get laid a lot. Nicknamed “Fat Charlie” after his hazing streak for reasons unknown to him. Fencing is a good training for an Amberite fledgling, apparently. Now, after walking the pattern and roughing it up, Charles is a fearsome combatant and lately discovered he can shape-shift, as well.
  • Prince Faith, of Ruritania, taking his Grand Tour in Charlottesville and finding a kindred spirit in his native tour guide, Fat Charlie. Recently revealed to not really be of Ruritania after all, but of Latveria, a kingdom located in another world, where he was spawned by Fiona, raised as a Prince, and figured out how to create True Art and use it to move around.

Art and Other Powers

  • True Art (as in trump) is what facilitates most travel through Shadow in this campaign. Because it's so important it has its own page.
  • Pattern is something Bleys has spoken of, something which allows those of the blood of Amber to walk through Shadows.
  • Shape-Shifting is something those “chaosites” were capable of, and maybe Amberites too, as Charles can do that to a good degree of masquerading as others.

Our Story by Sessions

Our Story by Sessions has grown enough to deserve a page of its own.

Other Characters, by Shadows


  • Fiona, the warm motherly type. Archetype, even
  • Bleys, her brother. A nice guy, really. Good at raising armies


  • King Albrecht - cold bastard, would have been dead by now if it were not for that damned time differential
  • Duke Wieland - next in line to the throne if Faith dies and probably planning to do something about it. Owns the best hunting grounds in the kingdom
  • Baron Hagen - mostly noted for the inspiringly beautiful lady Gisel that he sprouted on his arm
  • Lord Gunther - constantly gunthing people about magic being evil and devil worship since he suffered a witch related trauma due to getting married; almost got him a duel with Charlie, who ended up being the mature one
  • Gudrun - chambermaid.
  • Sigismund - suspect assassin (has no quiver or cloak). Has two girls that Charles and Faith saved.
  • Donar - Captain of guard (Faith's assistant).
  • Sigurd - a huntsman
  • Magni - son of duke Weiland (assassin sender).
  • Asme - Sigismund older girl (17). Blond.
  • Dagmar - Sigismund younger girl (15). Also Blond.
  • Hilde - their fellow captive (16). Dark and unbruned.
  • Arnulf - Warlock serving Magni.
  • Prince Kar - Faith's older brother, rescued from his death by drowning by Faith (using time-travel via Latverian Pattern). Kar lived most of his life as a sailor on merchant ships (i.e, a pirate); Since being returned to Latveria he has been appointed heir incumbent. He has reacted baddly to the Abbysification of the Black Road, and seems to have developed a slight drinking problem.


  • Qschpshexu (nicknamed Shex - pronounced SHESH)- a native female, Charlie's main squeeze, laison (is a high-priestess) and confidant during his stay.


  • Larry - Doore's roommate
  • Rodney - the bartender, Faith's “asset”
  • Beta Gamma Cappa Sorority chicks
    • Samantha Morse - Doore's infatuation
    • Danielle - Faith's date
  • Non Sorority Chicks
    • Alice - prettier and outspoken one
    • Bob (Roberta) - who does with Charlie
  • Chi Alpha dudes (hazers)
    • Bradley - Samantha's plural form
    • Ron
  • Jules - owner of the house where the cool kids party took place. Possibly can travel Shadow, or somesuch.
  • Jack Sorax - a Latverian agent, sent by Fiona to protect Charles from Corwin, dead of old age and time differential
  • John - his nephew and only remaining relative, chosen by him to carry on the torch
  • put name here - Jack's even other only remaining relative. Charles' bought his house and trumps (if buying means pocketing them and putting diamonds instead).
  • New York Central Hospital
    • Nurse Betty - black, 40s, hot, big glasses.
  • New York Car Park
    • Unnamed assassin - Waited 8 months to put a cap in your ass - 15 points.

Creatures of Chaos

  • Merlin - Claiming to be Charles' son, although by Charles' timeline he is only 3 months old. Has Charles' sword and was pretty handy with the handgun, after several rounds of can shootings.
  • Merlin's Mom - The scorpion tailed hellmaiden wench. Fiesty.
  • Alix - whom we mostly know as Alice.
  • Zuul - AKA Jules. A chaos agent gone mad who has a thing for killing Charles in the most bizzare, elaborate and ineffective ways.
  • Monachtra - a chaosite in the form of a black silhouette of a naked woman; Merlin's friend.

The Society of Heroes

  • Morningstar
  • Catman
  • The Photon / Qualapa Man
  • Chimera
  • Triton / Martin
  • Alchemist (aka, Faith)
  • Blue Streak (aka, Charles)
  • Alphaman/Omegaman

The Trust

  • Kal Wainworth (aka, Charles)
  • Phillip Nextoff (aka, Faith)
  • Claire


  • Ophelia
  • A witch (now dead)
  • Elokin, A Faerie Lord
  • Charles Jr.
  • Mr. Twig, a log. Or talking baby.
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