I got sent to Paris

I got sent to Paris from work (came back last night, flew there Monday afternoon), and the only thing I bought
there (except for dinner) was 4 bottles of mineral water.


I was there for 3 days & nights, most of the day spent at the client’s office; the closest I got to sight-seeing was
the view of Paris at night from the resturant “Ciel De Paris”(?), which is on the 56th floor of the Monparnase tower.
Apparently, the Eiffel tower at night is lit up like a Disco. On the last day I took a cab to the airport, squezed onto a
nearly-full flight, and was rushed straight onboard the plane, without the chance to even glance at the Duty Free.

So I’m back, shame-faced and empty-suitcased.

Still, the weather was terrific (15-20 degrees C), with overcase skies and rain. Glorious.
Now I’m back at 30 degrees C in the shade and 90% humidity (or so it feels like), sweating as I type, but at least
I’m home.

Speaking of typing, french keyboards are bloody confusing. “Q” and “A” swapped, “M” out of place, and all the top row
(number keys) printing either accented characters, among other differences.

Mice work the same, though.