So, much improvement on the

So, much improvement on the Linux front.

Set up the printer and it works great.

Found what was causing my hostname to change and preventing me from launching new apps once
kppp (modem connection) started – just a matter of unchecking a checkbox (the help file explains
that if this box is checked, you’ll get exactly the problem I had – great documentation, if you read it…)

Downloaded some Hebrew stuff, including a Perl script that imported my Hebrew windows fonts,
and Fribidi & GTKBidi; trying to configure & make these packages resulted in my understanding that
I was missing a lot of stuff needed for development and compilation; installed all that, and now things
work splendidly.

Installing RPMs is very nice, although I think their quality varies – some have good management of their
dependencies and some falter in this department.

Looked at KDevelop a bit, a very nice Visual Studio take-off, very well done.

Played more Reversi & Mah-Jong; I used to play a Mah Jong game called Shanghai on the Mac at the lab when I was
a graduate student, and this was a worthy successor. Reversi still beats me every time. I think I’ll play more games
with Linux than I did with Windows…

Still no sound, which sucks. Lothar (Mandrake’s hardware detection program) seems to detect the sound device, which
lives on the motherboard, but doesn’t realize it’s a sound card (maybe because it isn’t a card, as such).