Monthly Archives: March 2001

I’ve got an old PC

I’ve got an old PC lying around unused, because it can’t boot (it had NT as its only OS, and that was damaged when a technician hooked the disk to Windows 2000 to siphon data from its hard drive to a newer machine… long story).

Anyway, this morning I bought a new CD drive (did I mention it also doesn’t have a working CD drive?), installed it, and I found myself in a bit of a quandrary – now to start the Windows 95/98 set-up without an OS to run my CD?

Windows (95, much more than NT/2000) is awful to install. It depends on DOS – there’s no easy way to make a start disk, unless you have a Windows 95 machine around.

Luckily, I did have such a machine, and I even noticed the fact after wracking my brains and reading about. And then, using a nice program from, I also had a working CD driver in DOS.

I really should save that bootdisk image somewhere.