Monthly Archives: July 2002

Campaign Updates and Rejection

Pounding away at my campaign website, I’ve transfered the contents of the Word document “recaps” to a Movable Type blog: Knights of Time, Kings of Space.

Also, I made some photo trumps of the minor characters, i.e, the Sisters.
Those did not go over well – the image I chose for Pauline was deemed ugly
(after last time Lara Flynn Boyle was said to be “too skinny” – and I wasn’t
that fond of her myself. Although Miller has come around after seeing her
in Men In Black II).

This pretty much shattered any confidence I had in playing her, actually.
It’s like your buddies saying some girl you like is ugly (it’s not “like” that actually – it’s that). So the session
went pretty poorly.

Being called up mid-session by Hadas who was getting
hysterical about the ICon poster design also messed with my mood.

Thank god for Anger Management.

Later, Bo looked at my trumps and said “they all look
like cheap porn actresses”.

“But they’re dressed.”

“So they look like porn actresses in the ‘before’ shots”.

I give up.