Domain Science Letters

Domain Science Letters is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the latest in Mythos Science. Utterly cool, this is a beautiful background element you can plug into a Delta Green campaign – although it’s distinct enough to use it elsewhere (hint hint, mumble mumble, Shadowrun, mumble).

The implied historical background to this site is that experiments to detect Dark Matter accidentally lead to contact with intelligent entities.

This ties into The End Times , another cool addition to Delta Green, this time detailing a Cthulhu campaign setting in the 2040s.

Software and Programming

Bugging Mozilla

I spent some time yesterday reporting a Bug on Mozilla, preparing a funky test-case and everything.

Turns out it’s a duplicate of a previous bug Eyal Rozenberg already reported.

In fact, because I know he’s also a roleplayer/SF buff, I bet he saw it in the same place as I did (later update: no, apparently his own site has the same problem).

Pretty cool how fast it was handled, though.


Installed MT-Textile

I installed Brad Choate’s MT-Textile plug-in for Movable Type, which lets you format text using Dean Allen’s Textile Humane web text syntax.

This is just a test, to kick the wheels. I should probably type some funky formatting tricks now.

Well, that’s quite enough of that. Does it fark up my Hebrew?

אתם יודעים שכן.

actually, I think that’s Mozilla.


Bruce Timm and Superman

The Bruce Timm Gallery has lots of good art by the designer of the Batman, Superman, and JLA animated series.

I ran across his name somewhere on that nest of exemplary Superman fan sites between Superman through the Ages and the Fortress of Solitude Network.

superman changing clothes


More Jedis than Jews

According to a recent consensus, Britain now has more Jedis than Jews, Buddhists or Sikhs:

Over 390,000 people wrote “Jedi” on their 2001 census form, more than those who registered their faith as Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh in the optional question on religion, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said on Thursday.

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