… somewhere on the “internet”: The Moniker: Did you read Promethea? Paradox Backlash: I’ve read Promethea, yeah. Got the TPs to show for it. The Moniker: Ah. I finally figured out the way to run Aya a greek mythology/superheroes/fantasy campaign was to run her Promethea, instead of noodging her to read it. The Moniker: Then […]

Dark He-Man

Marko Djurdjevic’s He-Man Redesign (via Uncle Bear) reimagines one of the silliest TV shows/Toy lines from the 80’s into something very dark and surprisingly cool. His Skeletor is a Marlyn Manson-ish “evil fag” (actually, he reminds me more of P. Craig Russell‘s take on Elric, but that just dates me), his Evil-Lyn is Not Work […]

Morrison on All-Star Superman

An interview with Grant Morrison about his new Superman series, All-Star Superman. You can’t top the extract quoted in LinkMachineGo: My first issue, for instance, has a new power for Superman and I thought I’d come up with something, well…not bad…then I just read – yesterday in fact – the story ‘Superman’s New Power’ which […]

Roleplaying epherma

Roleplaying links, assorted mix: A thread on the forums about the worldbuilding in Robert E. Howard’s work vs. that of Tolkien devolves pretty quickly into a petty flamefest, but picks up when the Ent posts his idea for a high-concept cross-over: As I always do when threads like this one crop up on Open, […]