color scheme pickers

Color scheme picking widgets, as far as the eye can see: Steel Dolphin Creative Color Scheme Tool Color Schemer Online V2 Color Wheel by Antone Roundy Color Scheme Generator 2 Instant Color Schemes using Yahoo image search ColorBrewer – Selecting Good Color Schemes for Maps

This weekend’s comics

Iron Man: Extremis by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov (Bosnian, not Israeli) is very successful at what it sets out to do, which isn’t so much to update the concept of Iron Man for the 21st century as it is to pitch the character to Hollywood. In other words, it’s an uncomplicated story with plenty […]

The Golden Compass movie

The Golden Compass movie web site has some concept art and a pretty flash alethiometer; got there via a steampunk blog called Brass Goggles, where you can find some alethiometer combinations that unlock hidden images on the movie site). I see that Daniel Craig (Lord Asriel) isn’t the only actor from the last James Bond […]


I did a stealth upgrade of the forums early Saturday morning, from a creaky old patched and hacked phorum 3 install, that had been modified by various hands, including Bo, Fogi and Hershko, and which still used visual Hebrew, to a nearly-new Phorum 5 version, with bells, whistles, RSS feeds and search that works. […]