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the wHimper of wHipped dogs

The last time I took The Personality Defect Test, I scored as the Haughty Intellectual. Now I got Spiteful Loner. I went from “gentle” to “brutal” and from “arrogant” to “humble”.

My explanation is that in the past two years, I stopped believing in anger management, and stopped taking pride in being so mellow and repressed. And yeah, I felt good about myself, thinking I was mellow and patient. Now I shudder in the knowledge that beneath that illusory calm exterior, I am a carton of hate, a wedge of spite.

(Speaking of spite, some researchers now claim that it’s a uniquely human emotion; They have deduced this by irritating Chimpanzees.)

[ Post title via Ellison, Family Guy ]

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Greasemonkey *can* whap snap

Update on the Snap previews pop-up thing: I’ve come up with a (trivial) Greasemonkey script to disable those annoyances – I call it hover in peace (you can install it from that link if you’re using Firefox and have Greasemonkey), and it disables any javascript that is triggered by mouseover events, that is by hovering your mouse over a link (or anything else). It’s crude and indiscriminate, but effective.

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Reality in a box

From The Register:

the US Department of Defense (DOD) may already be creating a copy of you in an alternate reality to see how long you can go without food or water, or how you will respond to televised propaganda.

The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual “nodes” to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR.

Jake Nemesis is in ur Overworld, cloning ur d00dz…

[via my elves are different]