color combo toy

Multicolr Search Lab – Idée Inc.– Search photos on Flickr by color combinations. [via Gaal]

Go on, do flesh tones, I dare you.


Dark humor in Israeli online banking

My electric bill payment got blocked by the credit card company! What I do? Maybe go to their website, see what what.
But — what this?


Some dude about playing Amber

Some dude on the Internet wrote the following about playing Amber:

Here’s a recipe for making yourself really miserable in ADRPG: Go in with a character that you enjoy because of his physical and mental abilities.

Here’s a recipe for making yourself really happy in ADRPG: Go in with a character that you enjoy because of the way they view their family members.

This game, more than (almost) any I’ve seen supports talking about other people: to their face, behind their back, eulogizing them, praising them, pitching them as prospects for the throne, using them as bogeymen to scare your rivals … and so on, ad infinitum.

That game, where you’re in a very constrained family with all sorts of powerful and abrasive personalities, is fun. The other game, where you’re a trans-dimensional ass-kicker but the GM randomly decides that you don’t have a strong enough grip to hang on to the back of a bucking black dragon, is really frustrating.

Story Games for Everybody – Amber Diceless doesn’t make the top 12 Bucket Games?!?


The Ending of the Watchmen movie

Zack Snyder‘s revelation that the ending of the Watchmen movie will omit the extradimensional cephalophod of the comics has inspired an <airquotes>internet backlash</airquotes>:

save the squid, destroy New York

[via LMG, I think].

Reading the interview in the first link I think they’ve actually got a more elegant ending than the one in the graphic novel. Certainly better than Sam Hamm’s solution (repeat after me: Time Travel is never the answer).

And I like the trailer better, after repeated viewings. It’s easy to be pessimistic and cynical, but let’s not forget that Zack Snyder is second only to Robert Rodriguez in realizing a comic creator’s artistic vision faithfully on film.


Software and Programming

Flash Player 10 on 64bit Linux

Adobe Labs has released a 64 bit Linux version of Flash Player 10. Before releasing 64 bit versions for Windows or Mac. Via Tal, whose review can be summarized with the Bo-ism*: Is Fast!

No more zombie 32 bit plugin wrapper processes thrashing in gasps of mad memory consumption?