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Ultraviolet: The RPG

Remember Ultraviolet, the feel-good movie of the decade? Here’s a reminder:

Ultraviolet Trailer

Now via Story Games, I learned that someone has written an RPG that perfectly captures the film experience:

When fighting faceless, roll 2D6. That’s how many of them die. No, they don’t get to try to hurt you. You just kill them.

When fighting bosses, roll 2D6. If you roll doubles, the boss dies. If not, keep rolling until you do. no, they don’t get a chance to kill you either. Just keep rolling.

NOT FIGHTING: If you decide to ride a motorcycle up a building or something, roll 2D6, and then succeed.

If you ever roll doubles for any action, you must change both your clothing and hair colors.

The best part is a random plot twist table: whenever the players think they know what’s going on, roll 1D6 – with results like You’re completely wrong about what’s going on, or The boss shows up and has some stymied dialogue about how you’re all going to fail..

There’s even actual play, god help us all.