How does it feel to die?

Morbid research department: A New Scientist special feature on the sensations associated with various potentially fatal experiences:

Death special: How does it feel to die? – being-human – 13 October 2007 – New Scientist.

Oddities Resources

Tarot of Vampires, Tarot of Trees

Here’s a deck of Tarot cards inspired by Vampire lore and Bram Stoker’s Dracula specifically: The Brides - a card from a Vampire Tarot And another one that’s all based on trees – some of these are sheer elegance in their simplicity, but a few of the earlier designs feature trees that resemble Lovecraftian tentacle monsters more than plants.


Poem du Jour

But now you object that, really, this poem is just an advanced formed of verbal bullying. Well, yeah. What did you think love poetry is? Pretty to look at, lovely to hear, and absolutely ruthless in its intentions.

Michael Swanwick at Poem du Jour

Resources Roleplaying

H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society’s Prop Fonts

Didn’t I link to or bookmark this before? HPLHS Prop Fonts. Period fonts for Call of Cthulhu props, free for downloading. You can never have enough fonts.

Resources Software and Programming

Nokia, Linux – talk amongst yourselves

I got a new phone a month ago, a Nokia 6120 or something like that, with internet and shit. This involved finally crossing the line between having an electronic device and having a portable, under-powered computer. An UI that’s fancier but less ergonomic, a power-hungry screen and a laptop’s male-sterility-inducing level of heating-up (one of the first links I found about my specific model was a petition to have it recalled because of overheating issues). Also, this whole “internet” connectivity thing, while pretty impressive and fast (yo! I’m on the street, looking at my blog! Hey! I’m sitting in Dixie, browsing Google reader!), is actually a money-grubbing scheme to charge you exhorbitantly for bandwidth. The phone feels like a platform for Orange to spam me with pointless ads and downloads.

Also, there’s the issue of transfering stuff between the phone and my computer. There’s a USB cable, but the phone doesn’t simply mount as another drive, like any USB drive should. There’s actually some ornate synchronization protocol and some remarkably user-unfriendly tools for using it, which I haven’t managed to get to work. Also, many tools expect you to use a Bluetooth-enabled computer.

I found a good step-by-step tutorial on setting something up here: Nokia PC Suite for Linux with ObexTool on Ubuntu Gutsy. It’s actually not equivalent to the PC Suite thing, because it doesn’t synchronize calenders and contacts, which are hidden away on the phone in some arcane corner. But it works for transfering files (MP3s, photos). So, whatever.