Tarot of Vampires, Tarot of Trees

Here’s a deck of Tarot cards inspired by Vampire lore and Bram Stoker’s Dracula specifically: And another one that’s all based on trees – some of these are sheer elegance in their simplicity, but a few of the earlier designs feature trees that resemble Lovecraftian tentacle monsters more than plants.

Poem du Jour

But now you object that, really, this poem is just an advanced formed of verbal bullying. Well, yeah. What did you think love poetry is? Pretty to look at, lovely to hear, and absolutely ruthless in its intentions. Michael Swanwick at Poem du Jour

Nokia, Linux – talk amongst yourselves

I got a new phone a month ago, a Nokia 6120 or something like that, with internet and shit. This involved finally crossing the line between having an electronic device and having a portable, under-powered computer. An UI that’s fancier but less ergonomic, a power-hungry screen and a laptop’s male-sterility-inducing level of heating-up (one of […]