Hermaphrodites and The Squick factor

Here’s an odd juxtposition that happened while browsing yesterday. I was enjoying a bunch of rpg.net threads, starting here: RPGnet Forums – Wraeththu out this week. The topic of these is the game they all like to snicker at, Wraeththu, an apparent Fantasy Heartbreaker (a Forge coinage for an attempt to write a game that was D&D, only better) crossed with a fanfic bible for Storm Constantine’s Wraeththu trilogy. A source of much sniggering is the characters you get to play, the eponymous Wraeththu, which are (squick warning here) a posthuman race of gay hermaphrodites with sexual organs resembling sea anemonae (the rpg.net folks have nicknamed these flower penises). That ejaculate acid.

So I turn back to my bloglines subscriptions, and find a new Carl Zimmer article has gone up in The Loom, titled Love Darts in the Backyard. It’s all about hermaphroditic garden slugs, and why they shoot boney arrows into each other before having (straight?) hermaphroditic sex.