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The YAPC 2002 movie

Programming language syntax humor! Fun at the expense of Europeans with silly names! Boobies and Man-tits! All in this short and cute movie made in a Perl conference back in 2002. It’s basically a series of in-jokes featuring people you’ve probably only read of in CPAN. I stumbled across this by asking google why someone wrote in his blog that Abigail was a “he”. Turns out that being called Abigail and sounding a bit flaky (Abigail of the Perl-universe has some passionate rant somewhere about saving sick kids in the third world with standards-compliant HTML) doesn’t neccessarily mean you are a woman; it could easily just mean that you’re Dutch.


100 things we didn’t know this time last year

So now we know that The Queen has never used a computer, that Koalas have fingerprints, that one in 18 people has a third nipple, that one in six children think that broccoli is a baby tree, that you can’t legally reserve a sun lounger by putting a towel on it, that lionesses prefer dark brunettes, and that giant squid eat each other, especially during sex. 100 things we didn’t know this time last year (BBC)

Roleplaying Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Evil Overlord’s Console

The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Clichés, via Raymond Chen. I’ve never played a console RPG, but all these sound hauntingly familiar…


The Room is on Fire

It’s 2 AM: Do you know where your dishes are?
In the sink, glaring at you.
Mostly thanks to Aya (and a lot of mucking about), I know that the three key ingredients of a successful omlette are butter, fluffing and heat; but that’s so boring. So I experiment, just cut things up, toss them in a pan, try to see where my “muse” will take me. I find myself trying to grill onions, fry chips, warm sausages and make an omlette in the same pan. At the same time.
So yes, I’m experimenting with new ingredients, to add a dash of excitment to my cooking. For example, right now, I’m working with soot. Perhaps some time in the near future, I’ll see what I can cook up with ash. I hear it’s a key ingredient in cat food.

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Humbug 2006

Looking at my “friends list”, I ran across three “grr, how I hate New Year! It sucks!”-type posts. The mandated new year’s cheer appears to provoke some people’s inner misanthrope. Of course, these aren’t really true misanthrophic specimen: they are cloudy weather curmudgeons (the complement to “fair weather friends”), cuddly grumps that surround themselves with company to laugh at their grumbles. To these people I say:

Shutthefuckup. At least we don’t have Christmas. THAT would give you something to grumble about.

True misanthropists don’t need special occassions to shun human company.

I just spent the first two hours of 2006 playing with <GEEK> the clusterfuck that is Worpress 2.0, and with improving the RSS feed for comments on my blog (which you wouldn’t know about, since I deleted every reference to it from my template). </GEEK> This will help me socialize asynchronously, and thus shun human company more effectively.

At least that’s the story I’m sticking to.