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Sudden Plans

So apparently I decided I’m going to Pisa next week: YAPC::EU 2010.


Thor Trailer

Full Comic Con trailer for Thor, at io9, via Didi:


From San Diego, it’s Foreskin Man!

Speaking of bad comics, Foreskin Man is an “intactivist” super-hero, fighting the evils of male circumcision. Gotta love his chest emblem.

You can read the whole thing online. Notice how sometimes that smiling baby looks way more creepy than Doctor Mutilator…

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A new logo for Perl 6 (comic)

Not quite sure if this counts as a real comic or just a crappy collage (comics are hard), but inspired by recent efforts by more talented people, I came up with an idea for a new logo for the Perl6 project, which I think conveys of the spirit and vitality of the Perl community on the 10th anniversary of the Perl6 undertaking. Or not.
click to see the whole thing:
Click for full comic

Watchmen artwork and lettering is by the incomparable Dave Gibbons, Watchmen text is by the divine Alan Moore, Perl 6 Camelia logo copyright 2009 by Larry Wall, Sebastian Riedel‘s user icon and artwork are his. All images remixed without permission for obscure in-jokey satirical purposes.

I’ll just add that there are plenty of useful features introduced for Perl 6 and implemented in Perl 5; a decent logo/mascot/emblem would not be the least of them.


Overdue Inventions

Overdue invention department – Microsoft’s InstaLoad™ “Battery Installation Technology”:

Battery contacts designed based on InstaLoad™ technology enable users to insert batteries into a device in either + or – direction and the device simply works. Users do not have to search for a hard to read diagram to determine how to insert the batteries.