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British Lord Chief Justice is called Lord Judge

The say, what? part of this BBC news item isn’t what is reported (High-ranking judicial official comments apropos a jury member posting trail details to Facebook), but the bit I put in my title: British Lord Chief Justice is called Lord Judge. No, seriously, that appears to be his name. Is the BBC pulling my leg? Seriously? Well then, I lol.

Oops. Turns out he’s actually called Igor. Bah.

Public Official Has Silly Name should always be the lead of such items. My mother’s favorite example is the former Archbishop of Manilla, Cardinal Sin.

Friday Trailers and superhero stuff

Via Judd Karlman, this one was new to me – Cowboys and Aliens Trailer (2011, Directed by Jon Favreau, with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford):

He also links to the Green Lantern Trailer, which I’ve already seen on Facebook, but would be ashamed to omit:

Judd also posted the trailer for Your Highness, the medieval-fantasy, stoner-comedy thingie with Natalie Portman that you can see on Didi’s blog, and to a trailer/excerpt from a new DC animated film, Young Justice.

I also ran across some Marvel animation stuff (so as not to simply parrot one dude’s blog) – There’s a Marvel Robot-Chicken style official parody thing called What The–?! – here it does a Marvel team-up with the Old Spice guy:

And via YouTube related videos, I found an Avengers animated series called Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – looks like something between the Ultimates and the movie versions of these characters.

Finally, an artist who tried to cheer up his depressed 91-year old Grandma by photographing her dressed up as a superhero:

The last is [via Jess Nevins and Chris Sims on Twitter]