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Episode 5: In sheep skin

  • After tucking in Miranda, Ringo is visited by a gorgeous girl.
  • Miranda gets assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  • The new Miranda, whom we shall call Venus, settles in.
  • Paul freaks Terri out by his revelation and eventually becomes bitter and cynical, and the hell with it.
  • Venus buys out the comic shop and plan to expand to the neighboring diner as well. She gets along great with Batsheba. Gods & Guardians has never been this popular or In.
  • Paul G-Dates a geek and one of the many hot girls that started frequenting the place.
  • U.N building holds the summit of The Embassy and The E T I A, after many talks, Jack and Winston show up to sign a peace treaty with ETIA head, jonah_hemingway.
  • Paul calls the Watchmen, and asks for the Visa list for the resident alien, to which he is replied there is nothing official. Maybe Hans Finch left it somewhere, since he made it up, if at all.
  • Moe Goldstein sets Ringo up with frank owner of a restaurant down in New Jersey, who has a problem with the The Mad Cow butchershop.
  • After a bus ride to NJ, Ringo dons his leathery clad, and rooftops as Paul question a butcher at Mad Cow, and reveals nothing except good treating of dogs.
  • Going over to the our_deli and meeting with augustino, apparently a mob-boss, and seeing his soldier's werewolf scar. The boss buys Ringo an espresso. A tribute.
  • Back at the closing The Mad Cow, investigating, and figuring out the butchers are on the up and up, things get heated up by the residing god of war.

“If you step out of line, we will whip you like dogs.” “Dogs you call us?!?!?” “You prefer canine-americans?” “GRRRRR!”

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