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Underground Railroad

  1. An organization helping Othersidians invade this reality, as we learned from Evil Warlock's e-mail correspondence
    1. Are they all from the Other Side? Do they keep humans in their employ? So far we met only Othersidians
      1. Important to note, in this regard, is the fact that one Albert Zeitberg has allegedly been helping Othersidians cross the border
  2. They refer to invaders as “The Boys” and to Human shells as “Cars”
  3. The Bristol Kid, Philip, was a part of this organization
    1. For a while we suspected Cynthia, his girlfriend, was just using his identity, but according to his own admission he was involved as well
  4. The goal of this operation, it seems (Connie sort of figured it out from the pyramid sharewares on Philip's 'puter in Short Unexpected Party), is to construct an energetic 16-cell (or hexadecachoron for the layman) that will be used to crash the gates of our reality (“tear reality a new arse-hole” where her exact words, but it's a flexible metaphor)
    1. On All the King's Horses she realized the 16-cell will form that day, upon sunset, focused on the London Eye
      1. This might have been a mistake, and the center is really the “I” train coming from London to Oxford (and then to Bristol), namely: “the London I”.
  5. Eye of the World revealed that the "evil" counterparts of Connie, Havers, Zeitberg and Mike are heavily involved
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