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This is the first page of my Song of Ice and Fire Campaign! Israel had been nice enough to host us, so cheers to Israel.

One thing you have to do, before you start editing, is the Wiki syntax.

Going to arrange this whole thing soon enough, but for now, you can register and upload stuff.


  • A map of Westeros and the surrounding lands - here.
  • Westeros Wiki - you can find all sorts of useful info here, including the pre-books timeline.
  • Not a very extensive timeline for the books.
  • - A very nice site with tons of information including heraldry, etc. Your own house's heraldry is also there, amongst other noble houses.
  • Days of the week in Westeros: Mothersday, Fathersday, Warriorsday, Cronesday, Smithsday, Maidensday and Otherday.


Characters, players and GMs

Your characters' timeline

The game is ran by Tomtom.

Notable NPCs

Unanswered Questions

  • We know well that the books speak of moons, but still, we need the moons (months) names.


The visual art gallery is here.

Session Summaries (a.k.a. It all started when Jon Arryn died)

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