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The Couch Potatoes

So we know that there are quite a few organizations that are developing modified humans. We know one of them is SlimGene, recently pivoted into SecuGene and purchased by Slade Industries.

We also know that Slade Industries are scraping the Internets and munging it into an experimental A.I. jokingly referred to as Wintermute, which seems to be taking a great interest in modified humans of all sorts.

Most of these modifieds, if not all, were given a residual “poison” that makes them spontaneously combust unless they are given the top secret Sinequanon compound (by their seemingly separate handlers). Unfortunately, this compound gets stored in the liver, which leaves a nice loophole for the cannibalistically inclined.

The Game

Recently, under Wintermute's guidance, five groups (probably all trios) of modifieds & friends that went off the grid are goaded into a deadly game.



Just a list of random startups around the human enhancement, next-gen security space:

  • FireAnt - there's an app for handlers, soldiers, spies, or general members of the public who need a WinterMute hookup.
  • Night Watch - roots in cyber security/haxxing, a think-tank behind MUTAF and a front for the Blind Watchmaker.
  • Oakenshield - next gen VC
  • Khan Genomics - Mongolian/Chinese, specializing in Intelligence Augmentation (IA).
  • Isengard - They're taking the hobbits, using Robotic Orcs and Wargs and other walking autonomous drones.
  • Faceless - an Antisocial network that will make you disappear.

Files should mention

  • Handlers - MUTAF
    • Papa Bear - MUTAF connections
  • Cartel
  • Failsafe
    • Thork
  • Jerry is a handler

The Slade Files

Timeline - events from before/during the campaign

Round 1

Couch PotatoesHead to OregonMeet IndianRide horsesRescue RichardNot get blown (because livers!)
Lounge LizardsStay putTalk to Twisted TrioLose to Twisted TrioRichard is rescued
Twisted TrioHead to OregonPhone Lounge LizardsKick Lizard AssSearch for Couch Potatoes
Southern ComfortStay putEat chickenDrink bourbon
TransgressorsRelocate to the west coast

Round 2

Couch PotatoesSMS with Twisted TrioMustang to fight sceneFight Twisted Trio and let them go
Lounge LizardsRichard is on Fox News
Twisted TrioSMS with PotatoesWait for PotatoesBlack Apollo and Goth are subdued
Southern ComfortCigars
TransgressorsStill relocating

Round 3

Couch PotatoesSMS with Southern ComfortChicken and bourbon
Lounge LizardsRichard is also on youtube
Twisted TrioPapa Bear follows the PotatoesScopes Bubba's facilityDecides to head them off at NY
Southern ComfortSMS with PotatoesChicken and bourbon
TransgressorsShopping for Batcave

Round 4

Dante and AbiHead to New York and split upFind Transgressors' dungeonBoomEncounter MUTAFRun away to ground zero
Papa BearBooby traps duncgeonCalls MUTAF friendsBoomCheck out ground zero
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